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What is Starting Out?

Starting out is for those who want something to help them get either back into or into fitness for the first time.

The programme is set to an introduction level.

What is becoming more active?

This is for those who are already active in some capacity but want to up their activity.

You may already walk, run, go to the gym, play tennis (or similar).

This programme is about taking it up a level. For many this is a comfortable level to be out.

What is Flow?

Flow concentrates on movement and stretching.

This is about increasing mobility and feeling better. Whilst the other options will include some stretching this is focused on your flexibility and improving movement.

Please note this is for all abilities.

What is Pro?

Pro is for regular gym goers who want to add a focus to their training routine.

This is an advanced programme. However, each workout can be adapted to suit.

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