Bespoke Programming

Bespoke Programming

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Is it for me?

As this is tailored to you by our amazing trainers, this is suitable for anyone at any level.

Everything else can be created to suit your schedule and goals.

What should i expect?

Once the programme has been purchased, i call with a trainer will be arranged for within the next 48 hours.

They will understand your aims, goals, anxieties, issues and time.

How often will get to speak with them?

We aim for about an hour a week of time. But understand this may go up and down.

I am training for an event

If you are getting fit for a specific event, this is perfect.

The trainers will help you manage your training activity and weekly goals so you do not overload yourself.

A balanced approach is important to whatever you want to achieve.

what happens if I want an in person session?

If you would like an in person session as well, please reach out.

As part of your membership pack you will receive special discounts for things like this.

If is a one off we can help, if you would like to change package we can also help in the system.

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