Our Programmes

Workout Plan

Looking for an affordable and flexible fitness solution? Our Workout Plan is the perfect fit for you. Receive weekly workout plans carefully crafted to align with your specific goals, and exercise at your convenience - anytime, anywhere. Take charge of your fitness on your own terms and witness remarkable progress with our expert guidance.

£50 per month

Group Classes

Join our vibrant and energetic in-person group classes, where you'll experience the power of training with others who share the same goals as you. Not only do our dynamic classes offer an effective workout, but with shared costs, you'll also enjoy the benefits of top-notch trainers at an affordable price.

£25 per class (or £90 for 4)

Personal Training

Work 1:1 with our expert trainers, receiving personalised attention, motivation and guidance tailored explicitly to your goals. What's more is, our mobile personal trainers will come to you in your home or your chosen location.

£60 per session

Online Personal Training

No matter where you are, harness the power of technology and train 1:1 with our experts at a time that suits you. Our online training offers you the same level of personalisation and guidance as in-person sessions, but with the added convenience of remote access.

£50 per session


Tailored precisely to your unique needs and goals, this bespoke offering ensures you receive the most comprehensive and effective training possible. Our trainers will meticulously design every aspect of your journey, from workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle plans to help you reach your full potential and achieve remarkable, long-lasting results.

£200 per month

Get ready for your transformation