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Welcome to our programming service. Our qualified trainers are dedicated to helping all no matter what you are looking for. Our best value product.

Every Sunday you will get a programme for the next 7 days that suits your aims.

Each one will have options given the access to equipment.

The cost is £50pm or discounts offered for orders of 3 or 6 months.

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Choose what you want help with?

The programmes are written by our fully qualified trainers. They help give someone direction with their own training. Pick from:

  • Starting out (our entry programme)
  • Getting more Active (For thise wanting something more)
  • Pro (For those looking to achieve and already very active)
  • Flow (For those looking to focus on stretching and flexbility)


What do I get?

Our trainers use there knowledge of the industry and trends to generate an amazing value programme each week. On a Sunday, you will receive an email with the programme. (An app is coming soon so you wont have to worry).

The programme will target the set aims and help you to achieve them. Each day is set to between 45-60 minute workout. They also work so you can still get to your goals even if you miss a day or two.

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Additional Benefits

What else do I get?

No only do you get discounts from selected partners and on any in house items, but if you would like to train with any of our great coaches or use other services you will have member prices available to you.

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